Green Coffee extract


Lose Weight and Keep it off with Green Coffee Bean Extract - By Adrian Frank

If you are overweight and you have tried to lose some of those unwanted pounds, you know how hard it can be. You may have tried all of the fad diets and used all of the exercise gimmicks. You may have lost a few pounds only to gain them right back. Finally there is a natural, over-the-counter dietary supplement that actually works. In a recent study, green coffee bean extract helped people lose weight. All of the subjects in this study lost body fat with no changes in their diets or amounts of exercise.

How 16 People Lost 272 Pounds in 22 Weeks

Dr. J. Vinson and two of his colleagues recently concluded a study of eight men and eight women, all of whom were overweight. The study ran for 22 weeks. The 22 weeks were divided into six week periods in which the participants were given either green coffee bean extract or a placebo and two week periods of no treatment.

There were two dosage levels of green coffee bean extract, a 700 mg dose and a 1,050 mg dose. Each person spent six weeks taking the lower dose, six weeks taking the higher dose, and six weeks taking the placebo. The study was run double-blind, which means that neither Dr. Vinson nor the participants knew who was getting extract or placebo at any given time.

The results of the study were impressive. On average, the 16 men and women lost 17 pounds each. They lost an average of 16% body fat. Not only did all of the participants lose weight and body fat, they lost the most while taking the highest dose level of green coffee bean extract.

Did They Starve, Work Out or Both?

The people in this study didn’t exercise any more than normal, and they didn’t starve themselves. In fact, they averaged taking in about 2400 calories per day!

The purpose of the study was to find out if green coffee bean would have any effect on weight loss. Dr. Vinson was careful to ensure that other factors that could cause weight loss were excluded. Each person was checked regularly during the study and their diets and exercise was monitored. Dr. Vinson and his colleagues are confident that the weight loss was caused by the green coffee bean extract.

How does it Work?

Chlorogenic acid is a compound that is found naturally in green coffee bean extract. Dr. Vinson cited several studies discussing the effects of chlorogenic acid. One study showed that it prevents sugar from carbohydrates from being stored as fat. Other studies have shown that chlorogenic acid acts in the liver to cause stored fat to be metabolized.

This means that green coffee bean extract can help you stop gaining weight and start losing both pounds and body fat.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee bean extract is just what the name implies. It is a pure extract, or concentrated form, of ground green coffee beans. It is not a synthetic blend of chemicals. All of the benefits of this extract come from the natural properties of unroasted coffee beans. It is made from green, unroasted coffee beans, because roasting the beans removes the chlorogenic acid. That is why you don't get the same benefits from just drinking coffee.

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract have Other Health Benefits?

You know the many health benefits of losing weight and body fat. Chlorogenic acid also contributes to good health in other ways.

It is an anti-oxidant. This means that it prevents a process called oxidation from happening in your cells. When oxidation occurs, molecules called free radicals are released. These molecules can cause cell damage and can even kill the cells. Oxidation has been linked to strokes and diseases like Alzheimer's.

Another health benefit is the lowering of high blood pressure. Information about this can be found on, an extension of the National Institutes of Health website.

Green coffee bean extract is not just another fad diet supplement. Green coffee bean extract provides anti-oxidants and can help lower your blood pressure. It is a natural plant extract that has been proven in a double-blind study to cause weight loss. Taken regularly, green coffee bean extract can help you lose weight and keep it off.